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To Daffodils-Frederick Delius
Armida’s garden-C.H.H. Parry
When in disgrace with fortune-C.H.H. Parry
Farewell, thou art too dear for my possessing- C.H.H. Parry
No longer mourn for me-C.H.H. Parry
O mistress mine-C.H.H. Parry
And King Olaf heard the cry-Edward Elgar
Love is a bable-Edward Elgar
Indian love song-Frederick Delius
Love’s philosophy-Frederick Delius
To the queen of my heart-Frederick Delius
The rain, it raineth every day- Charles V. Stanford
The compleat virtuoso-Charles V. Stanford
The Aquiline Snub-Charles V. Stanford
La Belle Dame sans Merci- Charles V. Stanford
The fairy lough- Charles V. Stanford
Orpheus with his lute- Edward German
Charming Chloe-Edward German
The throstle- Maude Valerie White
My soul is an enchanted boat- Maude Valerie White
The devout lover- Maude Valerie White
Thoughts have wings-Liza Lehman
To Lucasta on going to the wars-Arthur Somervel
Hugh’s song of the road-Ralph Vaughan Williams
The Vagabond-Ralph Vaughan Williams
Let beauty awake-Ralph Vaughan Williams
The Roadside Fire-Ralph Vaughan Williams
Youth and love-Ralph Vaughan Williams
Whither must I wander- Ralph Vaughan Williams
Bright is the ring of words-Ralph Vaughan Williams
Silent noon-Ralph Vaughan Williams
Linden Lea-Ralph Vaughan Williams
10 Blake Songs-Ralph Vaughan Williams
On Wenlock Edge-Ralph Vaughan Williams
Come away death-Roger Quilter
O mistress mine-Roger Quilter
Blow, blow thou winter wind-Roger Quilter
Fear no more the heat ‘o the sun-Roger Quilter
Now sleeps the crimson petal-Roger Quilter
Weep you no more sad fountains-Roger Quilter
Go lovely rose-Roger Quilter
Hey ho the wind and the rain-Roger Quilter
Love’s Philosophy-Roger Quilter
E’en as a lovely flower-Frank Bridge
Go not happy day-Frank Bridge
Love went-a riding-Frank Bridge
So perverse-Frank Bridge
Come to me in my dreams-Frank Bridge
All things that we clasp-Frank Bridge
O that it were so-Frank Bridge
When you are old and gray-Frank Bridge
The trellis-John Ireland
Great things-John Ireland
Hope the hornblower-John Ireland
The hearts desire-John Ireland
Loveliest of trees-George Butterworth
Is my team ploughing?-George Butterworth
When I was one and twenty-George Butterworth
Down by the salley gardens-Ivor Gurney
Hawk and Buckle-Ivor Gurney
I will go with my father-a-ploughing-Ivor Gurney
Far in a western brookland-Ivor Gurney

Under the greenwood tree-Herbert Howells
Captain Stratton’s Fancy-Peter Warlock
Late Summer-Peter Warlock
Rest, sweet nymphs-Peter Warlock
Cradle Song-Peter Warlock
Jillian of Berry-Peter Warlock
Sleep-Ivor Gurney
To the memory of a great singer-Peter Warlock
Sea Gypsy-Michael Head
The ships of Arcady-Michael Head
When I think upon the maidens-Michael Head
A young man’s exhortation (part 1)-Gerald Finzi
A young man’s exhortation (part 2)-Gerald Finzi
Come away death-Gerald Finzi
Fear no more the heat ‘o the sun-Gerald Finzi
Since we loved-Gerald Finzi
As I lay in the early sun-Gerald Finzi
Canticle 1-My beloved is mine-Benjamin Britten
Canticle 3-Abraham and Isaac-Benjamin Britten
The Holy Sonnets of John Donne-Benjamin Britten
6 Hölderlin Fragments-Benjamin Britten
7 Sonnets of Michelangelo-Benjamin Britten
Nocturne-Benjamin Britten
The Salley Gardens-Benjamin Britten
The Ash Grove-Benjamin Britten
Oliver Cromwell-Benjamin Britten
The plough boy-Benjamin Britten
The foggy, foggy dew-Benjamin Britten
O waly, waly-Benjamin Britten
The last rose of summer-Benjamin Britten
Early one morning-Benjamin Britten
I will give my love an apple-Benjamin Britten
Sailor-boy-Benjamin Britten
Master Kilby-Benjamin Britten
Lemady-Benjamin Britten
The Winds-William Walton
Tritons-William Walton
Anon in love (6 songs)-William Walton
To Gratiana dancing and singing-William Dennis Browne
Arabia-William Dennis Browne
Diaphenia-William Dennis Browne
Epitaph on Salathiel Pary-William Dennis Browne
Brittany-Ernest Farrar
The wanderers song-Ernest Farrar
Silent noon-Ernest Farrar
The roadside fire-Ernest Farrar
Come unto these yellow sands-Sir Michael Tippet
Where the bee sucks-Sir Michael Tippet
Blow, blow thou winter wind-Thomas Arne
On a day, alack the day-Thomas Arne
Come away death-Thomas Arne
Under the greenwood tree-Thomas Arne
The cloths of heaven-Thomas Dunhill
If music be the food of love-Henry Purcell/Benjamin Britten
I’ll sail upon the dog star-Henry Purcell/Benjamin Britten
Mad Bess-Henry Purcell/Benjamin Britten
I attempt from love’s sickness-Henry Purcell/Benjamin Britten
Man is for the woman made-Henry Purcell/Benjamin
Sweeter than roses-Henry Purcell/Benjamin Britten
Theres not a swain of the plain-Henry Purcell/Benjamin Britten
Not all my torments-Henry Purcell/Benjamin Britten
Bold William Taylor-Percy Grainger

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