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Preciosilla-Virgil Thomson
Susie Asado-Virgil Thomson
O swallow, swallow flying south-Arthur Foote
Matin Song-John Knowles Paine
Beauty, since you so much desire-Larry Bell
The Danza-George Chadwick
Do not go my love-Richard Hageman
Stars-Daniel Pinkham
The Doves-Theodore Chanler
The Blackbird-Horatio Parker
The Pasture-Charles Naginski
The Tiger-Virgil Thomson
Stopping by the woods on a snowy evening-Paul Sargent
Bells in the rain-John Duke
Velvet Shoes-John Duke
Fire and Ice-William Ames
Dust of snow-Elliot Carter
The rose family-Elliot Carter
The Upside-Down Man-William Flanagan
Valentine to Sherwood Anderson-William Flanagan
Winter Child-William Flanagan
The Dugout-William Flanagan
Horror Movie- William Flanagan
When frost moves fast-Morten Lauridsen
As birds come nearer- Morten Lauridsen
Quicksilver- Robert Beaser
The seven deadly sins- Robert Beaser
Flames- Tom Cipullo
Fort Tryon Park- John Corigliano
Christmas at the Cloisters- John Corigliano
Absalom- Ned Rorem
Clouds- Ned Rorem
Conversation- Ned Rorem
Early in the morning- Ned Rorem
For Susan- Ned Rorem
Little Elegy- Ned Rorem
On a singing girl- Ned Rorem
The waking- Ned Rorem
What if some little pain- Ned Rorem
Beauty is not caused- Celius Dougherty
The bird and the beast- Celius Dougherty
Serenader- Celius Dougherty
Love in the dictionary- Celius Dougherty
English Usage- Virgil Thomson
Take, o take those lips away- Virgil Thomson
Sigh no more ladies- Virgil Thomson
Songs of the silence- Larry Alan Smith
I sing because- Larry Alan Smith
Safe in their alabaster chambers- Arthur Farwell
The Level Bee- Arthur Farwell
Summer’s armies- Arthur Farwell
Six Elizabethan Songs- Dominick Argento
Letters from composers-Dominick Argento
It’s all I have to bring-Ernst Bacon
Joy, shipmate, joy-Ernst Bacon
The Red Rose-Ernst Bacon
Bessie Bobtail-Samuel Barber
Solitary Hotel- Samuel Barber
Despite and still- Samuel Barber
I hear an army- Samuel Barber
Rain has fallen- Samuel Barber
Sleep now- Samuel Barber
Sure on this shining night- Samuel Barber
My luve is like a red, red rose- Amy Beach
O mistress mine-Amy Beach
Take, o take those lips away- Amy Beach
The years at the spring- Amy Beach
Ah, love, but a day!-Amy Beach
I send my heart up to thee- Amy Beach
Empress of night-Amy Beach
Dark is the night-Amy Beach
The Western Wind-Amy Beach
Eldorado- Jack Beeson
Lana Turner has collapsed-Chistopher Berg
Heart Songs-Gordon Binkerd
Half-minute songs-Carrie Jacobs Bond
From the land of the sky-blue water- Charles Wakefield Cadman
Go lovely rose- Arthur Foote
Go and catch a falling star-William Flanagan
Send home my long strayed eyes-William Flanagan
See how they love me-William Flanagan
Plants cannot travel-William Flanagan
If you can-William Flanagan
Evening song-Charles Griffes
The lament of Ian the proud-Charles Griffes
Thy dark eyes to mine-Charles Griffes
The rose of the night-Charles Griffes
In a myrtle shade-Charles Griffes
Waikiki-Charles Griffes
This book of hours-Charles griffes
Animals and insects-Louis Gruenberg
Do not go my love-Richard Hageman
An immorality-Lee Hoiby
Jabberwocky-Lee Hoiby
Lady of the harbor-Lee Hoiby
She tells her love while half asleep-Lee Hoiby
The Shepherd-Lee Hoiby
The Lamb-Lee Hoiby
Avalon-Mary Howe
Hymne-Mary Howe
My lady comes-Mary Howe
There has fallen a splendid tear-Mary Howe
Birds, U.S.A.-Richard Hundley
Come ready and see me-Richard Hundley
I do-Richard Hundley
Sweet Suffolk Owl-Richard Hundley
Waterbird-Richard Hundley
The Children’s Hour-Charles Ives
The Greatest Man-Charles Ives
From”Paracelsus”-Charles Ives
Premonitions-Charles Ives
The Side Show-Charles Ives
Hark! Hark! the lark-Harvey Worthington Loomis
O lovely rose-Edward MacDowell
Sweet blue-eyed maid-Edward MacDowell
Sweetheart tell me-Edward MacDowell
Thy beaming eyes-Edward MacDowell
For sweet love’s sake-Edward MacDowell
I ask but this-Edward Macdowell
Long ago sweetheart mine-Edward MacDowell
A maid sings light-Edward MacDowell
I love life- Mana-Zucca
Death, be not proud-Douglas Moore
Thou hast made me-Douglas Moore
Batter my heart-Douglas Moore
Litany-John Musto
Archaic Torso of Apollo-Stephen Paulus
The Dance-Stephen Paulus
Museum Piece- Stephen Paulus
Seurat- Stephen Paulus
On seeing Larry Rivers’ “Washington crossing the Deleware” at The Museum of Modern Art-Stephen Paulus
Moor Swan-Stephen Paulus
Warrior Shield- Stephen Paulus
Rise up, my love-George Rochberg
Come, my beloved-George Rochberg
Set me as a seal-George Rochberg
Behold! Thou art fair-George Rochberg
Orpheus with his lute-William Schuman
Grief-William Grant Still
Sorrow of Mydath-Robert Ward
God be in my heart-Elinor Remick Warren
To a blue-eyed baby-Elinor Remick Warren
The heart of a rose-Elinor Remick Warren
The lake isle of Innisfree-Ben Moore
I am in need of music-Ben Moore
The cloak, the boat, and the shoes-Ben Moore
Where the bee sucks-Frederic Ayres
The capture of Bacchus-Dudley Buck
Pied Beauty-Louise Talma
Four Songs for tenor-Andre Previn

May, the maiden-John Alden Carpenter
The Lamb-Theodore Chanler
These, my Ophelia- Theodore Chanler
Let my song fill your heart-Ernest Charles
David mourns for Absalom-David Diamond
I have longed to move away-David Diamond
Lord, make me an instrument of Your peace-Larsen
Three Canticles from Luke-Pinkham
The Daisies-Barber
From an old garden-MacDowell
The waterlily-Chadwic

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